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Season 3 of the podcast

We are back! We catch up on our summer experiences, like broken toilets, meze for Midsommar and traveling in the outside world! Also, a spotlight on Fårö.

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Swedes Explain: Midsommar

Today on the podcast, we ask Erik to discuss the flavors of Midsommar – new potatoes, strawberries and pickled herring. And then we discuss how to get rid of those flavors with a bit of schnapps!

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More DISASTER Strawberry news….

It seems I missed this story in The Local over the weekend. When I say Swedes take their strawberries seriously, I really mean it. And no, it’s not a joke. It’s a real story.  Forget stealing cars or purses…. strawberries are the hot commodity here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 11.12.39

Midsommar and EVIL Midsommar

This past weekend, we celebrated Midsommar here in Sweden. It’s a celebration of the longest day (though that’s actually yesterday, I believe), where Swedes dance around a Maypole like frogs…. this after eating pickled herring and drinking lots of schnapps.

So I filmed a little one-minute video of our Midsommar celebration last Friday, Swedes hopping around like frogs, etc.

But while I was filming it, I started to wonder what it would be like with different filters and sound effects.  I think you’ll like the result:

A distaster of Swedish proportions

This headline is in The Local Sweden online news today.

Once again, if this is the biggest disaster Sweden faces, I’m glad to live in this country.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 08.30.14


Today is Midsommar here in Sweden.  Midsommar is to celebrate the longest day of the year – a very joyous celebration for we who spend the winter in darkness.

Currently, the sun is rising by 2 a.m. around here.  I dont know when it sets because I go to bed by 11 p.m. and it’s still up.

But anyway – Midsommar is all about eating strawberries, drinking schnapps and hopping around Maypoles like frogs.  Also, people don’t work today, which is why this post will be short.  I’ve got some drinking, hopping and strawberry eating to do!


Strawberry season

One thing you learn quickly about Sweden in the summer is that they are crazy and quite proud of their strawberries.
If Swedish strawberries are not ready by Midsommar (last week in June), the nation goes into a panic.  I’m not kidding, it will be the top headline in Swedish newspapers everywhere.  And in the weeks running up to Midsommar celebrations, the papers are filled with important, hard-hitting journalism like, “Will the strawberries be ready on time?” “Spring was late, what does that mean for the strawberries?”

If you are a foreigner to Sweden, you must know that you are not permitted to bring anything but Swedish strawberries to a Midsommar celebration.  Belgium, Spain, or anywhere else they were imported from will not work.  Swedes are normally polite, but during the summer, the first thing they will ask is, “Are those strawberries Swedish?”  Watch their faces crumple in disappointment if they aren’t.

Obviously, most of the fruit in Sweden has to be imported and that’s normally not a problem at all, but the Swedes have such a pride in the tastiness of their strawberries.  And I can’t blame them.  They honestly are amazing.  I’ve been a Swedish citizen for 10 years now.  As soon as they hand you the paper, things start to change.  You start listening to a lot of Abba.  You put lingonberries on your meat.  And most of all, you don’t allow anything but Swedish strawberries at Midsommar.  Traitors are not invited back to the celebration the next year.  Be warned!


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