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Episode #50 Red Wine and Gatorade

On today’s episode of Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow, we catch up on winter break activities, new museums & new restaurants. Also, roller skis are weird.
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Gangs in Sweden

Seems about right.


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Swedish news is the best

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Do I *like* crime?

I follow the Stockholm Police Twitter account on my feed to keep up with what’s happening. They’re very good at reporting what’s happening around town. Today a major street by our neighborhood had to be shut down temporarily because a moose wandered onto it.  Being a Texan, even after 15 years in Sweden, it’s still exotic to have news stories about “moose on the loose!” So I clicked the star (or like) on that particular story.

But it felt weird to “like” something that was probably a huge problem for the police and a major traffic jam for afternoon drivers. Then I thought about the other stories the police post about people stealing or drunk drivers that they pull over. Am I supposed to click that I like those? What message does it send? That I’m happy they caught someone? Or “Woo-hoo! Stealing motorcycles!” I hope they would understand it’s the former, but I generally just don’t click anything so there won’t be a misunderstanding.

I couldn’t resist the moose though.


My school was never this exciting

At least now maybe the kids will stay more alert.

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MOOSE on the Loose!

My husband and kids just called to say that when they crossed the road in front of our apartment building, there was a large moose!

Obviously there are moose in Sweden, but usually never in the city area.  We are fairly close to a nature reserve, but I’ve never seen one there or in our neighborhood.  Deer yes, but no moose.  Most likely he is drunk off apples, just because I keep making fun of that.

They said he took off running toward our grocery store.  Good thing they have automatic doors because he would have a tough time with his hooves.  He’s probably the smartest moose out there if he’s discovered it’s much easier to get food at the grocery store than in the forest.


Wildlife seasons in Sweden

It is now the beginning of drunk moose season here in Sweden.  The first article appeared in the paper yesterday.  This time of year, the apples on the trees start to turn a bit rotten, which are overeaten by moose who then get completely wasted and tear up people’s yards  (much like the upcoming Popaganda festival taking place this weekend).

You can tell the passing of the seasons here by the articles in the paper.  They are the same every year. Let me explain:

Winter – What will happen when the snow melts?!  The town will be flooded!
Spring – Spring is coming this weekend! (repeat article from March to May while newspaper stand is covered in snow)

End of spring – Wolves will come into your neighborhood and eat your children!

Beginning of summer – You’ll all die of Lyme disease from the ticks!

Mid-summer – Apparently beaver attacks according to this year.

Beginning of fall – Drunk Moose


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