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Baytown Outlaws

I grew up in Baytown, Texas, just outside of Houston. I usually just tell people I’m from Houston since it’s more well known (and I pause for the required, “Houston, we have a problem” statement I get from each person thinking they’re the first ones to ever say that to me).

But now maybe Baytown is going to be on the map! As I googled the town today, I found this movie gem from just a few years back. Yep, once this movie catches on, I expect Baytown to be a tourist destination. I mean, look at the poster – it’s obviously high quality. I must have missed this movie’s Oscar nomination. It’s a proud moment for my hometown.  (I think that guy in the tank top used to be my daycare teacher.)


Movie review

Our assignment today was to write a movie review in Swedish. Everyone else was picking all these girly “Under the Tuscan Sun” type dramas.

I picked The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It’s great because I’m learning lots of useful phrases like “he wears a mask of human skin.” (människohud)

I’m not sure if we will have to read these out loud but I fully expect to get my own table area after this.




Just a little break from the usual to say – How did I miss the movie Zardoz??!!!

This was recommended by several people, so I looked it up.  Sean Connery, completely insane sci-fi movie.  Even though I have some bad feelings toward movies made in the 70s, I think I’ll have to get out some nachos and check this one out.




Irish narrators

Twice now I have tried to watch a program on the history of film only to be completely irritated and shutting it off within 10 minutes.  The cause of my irritation?  The Irish narrator.

Normally I love an Irish accent, but there’s a reason you never see documentaries narrated with an Irish accent.  It just doesn’t work!  Documentaries should only be spoken with a British accent or Morgan Freeman.

In addition to the Irish accent, the man has a speech problem where every sentence ends high like a question.  Here is why I can’t watch the documentary:

“Orson Welles was a great filmaker? Citizen Kane was a great movie? It starred Joseph Cotten?  The visual style was ahead of it’s time?”

It’s a shame because I’d love to watch this, but I simply can’t take it.  Or as the Irish narrator would say:

It’s not good narration? It’s very distracting? I can’t focus on the message?

Stick to music and Guinness and leave the documentaries to the Brits.


Worst dinosaur movie ever

I accidently started a horrible dinosaur movie for the kids. It’s poorness complete with a poorness soundtrack.  Every dinosaur in the movie talks like a 5 year old girl.  Why would dinosaurs sound like little girls?  Dinosaurs should sound like scary screaming monsters and all they should be doing is eating each other.  They can’t even use proper dinosaur names, – “Longnecks, Little Foot.”   What’s wrong with Brontosaurus, or Velociraptor?   Is that too hard for children?  Does Hollywood really think kids are this stupid?

I’m about to pull the plug and tell the kids, “Oh no!  The t.v. broke!”

You can fly!

In the Peter Pan movie, do you think they had to add in the part about the pixie dust after the first screening went wrong?   First Peter Pan says,  “All you need to fly is faith and trust…… oh, and a little bit of pixie dust!”   Always feels like that part was added in later.  Must have been some bad incidents with kids jumping out windows.

I have become bitten

One thing that makes television fun to watch over here is the way they translate the titles.  There is a show on every evening listed as, “I Have Become Bitten.”  I’ve never actually looked at the show but I think I should.  It certainly sounds interesting.  I wonder what it could be.  Obviously someone is bitten each week and not overly concerned about it.

Now we are here….

Why doesn’t anyone remake Xanadu?   Seems it’s about ready for a revival. Or did someone do that and I missed it somewhere?

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