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Let’s go to the movies!

Apparently, some theaters are open again in Stockholm! Not very many, but a few. There are maybe about 10 movies playing in the whole city, but one of them is “Tenet”, so we had to check it out.

In Sweden, you make reservations online and choose your seat before you go the movies. At this theater, you could only choose every other row. The ones in-between were blocked off. Once you made your reservation, the seats beside you were blocked – 2 to the left and 2 to the right (you can sit together on the same reservation, it just blocks STRANGERS!).

I thought this was a good solution, not to mention I didn’t have to deal with annoying people whispering, eating and checking their phones since they were all pretty far away from me.

As for “Tenet”…. I’ll have to see it at least 2 more times before I get the whole thing, much like every Christopher Nolan movie. 🙂

A passion for chainsaws

These job ads get more specific every day. Today’s copywriting ad states that they would prefer an applicant who is really into chainsaws.

If I come dressed as this guy, do you think I’ll get the job?


Little Shop of Horrors – Alternate ending

So I decided to show my youngest son one of my favorite movies since I was 11 – “Little Shop of Horrors.” I’ve watched it many times over the years including last year with his older brother on the DVD I bought in the 90s. Well, my husband got new Blu-Ray versions of everything to put on our Apple TV and it seems he got the new release of the movie – the “everybody dies” ending that was rejected in the 80s.

As my son and I were watching, I was thinking, “I don’t remember Audrey dying.” Then the plant ate Seymour. “I really don’t remember this part.” And then the plants took over the whole world and ate everyone. The end. So it looks like I got to see a surprise new movie today too. Sorry ’bout that son! They lived when I was little!

I mean I always knew they all die in the black and white 60s version and the musical. but it was always safe and fun in the Frank Oz directed 1986 version. Wow. I mean, it was fine and my son loved it, it was just totally unexpected for me. I thought I was losing my memory at first.  Anyway, very interesting. Never knew. I wonder what other much-loved movies have changed their endings and how many more surprises I have in store for me re-watching old favorites.


Paris – hunchbacks, cats and old robots

We are taking the kids to Paris today! It will be their first time there. I’ve been trying to prepare them for the past few weeks with movies about Paris. I’m not sure if they really learned anything from the movies I picked. The reactions went a bit like this:

Hunchback of Notre Dame – Ended up in my son trying to walk like a hunchback for a week.

A Cat in Paris – Kids in deep discussion about if one could actually jump from rooftop to rooftop… well maybe if you were in shape… maybe if you had special shoes….

Hugo – Mainly just interested in the automatron. How to work it, how to build it. Didn’t seem to notice Paris or the history of movies in the film.

The Aristocats – Always just concerned about that one scene where the piano crashes through the floor. “They’ll get in trouble!”

Oh well…. They’ll just have to discover Paris on their own.



Watched the Hunger Games recently.  They use a bird called “The Mockingjay” with a sweet song to lead their revolution.

They could have used Magpies, like the ones right outside my balcony.  Just 30 seconds of screaching from them would cause the other side to surrender any battle.


The Fugitive

Almost all of my knowledge about Chicago is based on “The Fugitive.”  However, my husband doesn’t think it’s funny that at every restaurant and museum, I walk up to the desk and tell them I’m looking for a one-armed man.

It’s my vacation too, you know!



I like that Sweden subtitles their movies and keeps them in the original language.  The only thing that’s annoying is that we all read the subtitles before the actor says the joke, so we laugh before it’s delivered.  It must be very confusing for people who can’t read the Swedish subtitles.

“This is a country full of psychics!”


They’ve done it again!

First Spotify, then Amazon…. now the kids have gotten into my Netflix account and changed all the settings!  I worked for weeks cultivating the perfect system for recommendations.  I rated all my favorite stuff.  Watched a few things – Thrillers, Sci-Fi, Foreign.

I turned it on now and all the recommendations are for “The Magic Bus,”  “Phineus and Ferb,”  and “Smurfs.”  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

We had guests over last weekend and we told the kids they could watch something.  I found them watching a cartoon on Netflix.  I had no idea they could work it.  They usually watch on another system.  It seems that I had stupidly left Netflix on from watching a movie earlier that day.  They ended up in my account instead of the special one I made for kids.

RUINED!  I give up!  I’m going to watch all seasons of Spongebob.  I’m going to listen to Club Penguin songs and just buy Legos and nothing else from Amazon.  I give up.  I can’t win.


Going to movies in other countries

This weekend, my husband and I were in Berlin.  While he was at a work function, I decided to check out a movie.  I found a theater that ran movies in the original language, bought a ticket and took a seat.  Here is what I noticed:

1. The movie theater doesn’t take credit cards.  This seems to be a big problem in Germany.  Happens everywhere we go.  Restaurants, taxis, movies….  It’s 2013 Germany!  Get with the program!

2. The German commercials are terrifying.  It doesn’t matter if it’s for insurance or butter.  The images jump out at you and it’s scary.

3. After a few commercials, there was an ad for ice cream.  After the ad, the lights came back on and a girl (like the old cigarette girls) came out with her box and said, “Ice cream?  Anyone for ice cream?”  The Americans behind me whispered, “Does the chocolate bar girl come out next?”


Airline movies

We are taking our summer vacation soon, so that means it’s time to check the in-flight entertainment guide for the plane!

I’m hoping since we live in 2013 that we can have individual screens, but there’s still an off chance that won’t happen.  I really don’t mind for flights under 4 hours, but this will be a trans-Atlantic flight and with 2 children, personal screens are desperately needed.

For some reason, I always feel like I’m getting to watch “free” movies on my flight.  It’s always like a treat.  I wonder why that is.  Technically I just paid a thousand dollars per ticket, yet the movies on the 6 inch screen still feel “free.”  Not to mention the tiny chocolate bars they hide in the back for those of us who want to stretch our legs.  That’s right folks!  They hide snacks in the back on these long flights.  You are welcome to them if you can find them.  You have to hurry because everyone steals the chocolate first and then you’re left with peanuts and jelly candies.  But they’re free, so I won’t complain too much.



Saw the movie “Oblivion” last week.

My question….  Why is it that in every movie I watch, when the couple has a romantic scene on top of the Empire State Building, they go from the bottom to the top in 5 minutes?  It took us over 2 hours to get up there when we went and that was on a less-crowded day!  I’d like to see the scenes of Tom Cruise or Hanks having to wait in the long lines with screaming kids and sweaty people.


I went to the movies this week which started me thinking of the differences between movie theaters in Stockholm and Houston.  So today I have a list of pros and cons.


No pickles

One of the best things about the movies in Houston are the giant Del-Dixi pickles.  I have always gotten a pickle at the movies since I was a kid.  I was so disappointed when I moved to Sweden where no pickles are sold at the movies.

We took a trip to Seattle where I enjoyed having much of the American food that I was missing.  I decided we should go to the movies to get a pickle, but while trying to decide what to see, I remembered to ask if they even sold pickles.  They did not, so we did not see a movie.  What a shame to realize that pickles at the movies are not a national thing.  I guess that might have been obvious to everyone else, but you never think about these things until you live somewhere else.


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