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Everything is Picasso!

My husband and I visited the Picasso Museum this weekend in Málaga. There was an option to see the regular collection, or to pay extra to see the “Olga Picasso” collection. When asked which ticket we wanted to purchase, my husband said, “Just Pablo Picasso, please.” The woman at the desk got very offended and said, “Everything is Picasso! The exhibition is Picasso, the paintings he did of Olga, so which do you want? IT’S ALL PICASSO!”

For the record, we kind of assumed Olga Picasso was some younger-generation painter from the family displaying her work. Not everyone knows the subjects of Picasso’s paintings. I have other things to keep up with.

However, we have now spent several days answering every question by yelling, “It’s all Picasso! Everything is Picasso!”

“Where should we eat dinner? PICASSO! It’s all Picasso!”
“What do you want to watch? Picasso! Everything is Picasso!”
“Why did you leave your clothes on the floor? It’s all Picasso!”


Even Pablo can’t believe how ignorant we are.

They fought so you can shoot lasers

Looking through some activities to do in the U.S. this summer and I found a WW2 Destroyer that has tours. Or, since people don’t think a giant war destroying battle ship is enough for children – there’s laser tag!

I’m pretty sure this is wrong. Or is it just me?

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 13.42.11.png

Gopher Museum

I keep telling my husband we should stop in Canada one year on our summer trip to Texas. He’s reluctant, but maybe THIS will convince him!  THE GOPHER MUSEUM


How many alcoholics feel after the weekend

The Liver – Closed for Repairs











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