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What to wear, what to wear…

I’m going to two “musical events” this week. One tonight and one tomorrow. Trying to figure out what to wear to each one. Hope I don’t get them confused.

Tonight – Icelandic band Hatari
Tomorrow – Ballet at the Royal Opera

Special Lady

There’s a chain of restaurants in the southern U.S. called “Waffle House.” It’s a good place to go if you’re:
– Poor
– Hungry after midnight
– In College

Back in the 90s, my friends and I fit all of those categories quite often, so we spent a lot of time at the Waffle House. Now, the Waffle House food is nothing exciting, but the reason to go there is because of the Waffle House jukebox. Every Waffle House has a jukebox with your usual standard fare in the south (lots of Hank Williams, Willie Nelson and strange pop R&B songs that were popular, well, back in the 90s). But every one of their jukeboxes also has their own Waffle House themed music.

Yes, they have their own label and musicians that write and record songs about food and experiences at the Waffle House. My friends and I would save our quarters just to choose the following song and play it over and over depending on how much money we were able to put in the jukebox. I give to you, “Special Lady at the Waffle House.” It’s a real song and apparently after you go in and play it several nights in a row on repeat, the employees of the Waffle House will unplug the jukebox – I speak from experience:

And if you enjoyed that, you should also check out some of these other wonderful Waffle House originals:

Waffle House Family – https://youtu.be/lYQUB5Wb_FM

Raisins in My Toast – https://youtu.be/N_LnuPFnJXY



U2’s Adam Clayton is Dr. Who



Up, up and away in my beautiful baboon

This is what I thought was being played on the radio back when I was about 8 years old. “Wouldn’t you like to ride in my beautiful baboon?” I would fall into hysterical laughter every time it was played.

I think we’ve all been victim to misinterpreting a song. A friend of mine used to sing the 80s hit, “Everytime you go away, you take a piece of MEAT with you.” I’m not sure if he thought the song was about a butcher or arguments at the dinner table. Either way, his interpretation ruined the song for me.  Well, maybe it’s not the greatest song. In fact, I take that back. I think it improved it.

My children are now the ones who ruin songs for me. Last week “Under the Boardwalk” somehow turned into “I am a Glorblock.” I was told this was some sort of space worm by my confused children who couldn’t figure out why a space worm would be singing.

But the worst was in the car this weekend. As Dean Martin crooned out “Sway,” my 8 year old started to giggle madly.  By the third time, we had to ask and then received the line, “Other dancers may PEE on the floor, dear but my eyes will see only you.”

I’ll never get that picture out of my head the next time that song plays. I guess it’s just payback from my mom not being able to listen to “My Beautiful Balloon” without picturing a lot of small people riding on the back of a giant baboon.


My husband – Mr. Synth Pop

If I haven’t mentioned it before, my husband sings in 2 synth bands – Art Fact and Sine City.  He has a concert for each coming up soon, plus a record album coming out for Sine City.  Yes, I said RECORD ALBUM.  If you can dust off your player from the attic, you can buy one to hear – or you can be a normal person and just go to Spotify after it comes out in April. 🙂  (Art Fact is already there, they’ve been around a while.)

Anyway, I like to embarass him with my lack of synth-ness.  I like to wear polka-dot dresses to his concerts (“but it’s black!”) and smile a lot (trust me, doesn’t fit in with the synth-attitude).

I asked him if I could play tambourine on stage or be a go-go dancer in a cage behind him.  He doesn’t take me seriously, but I bet everyone would enjoy it!  I could see Depeche Mode with go-go dancers.  It would work.

I tell him he should write more cheerful songs.  Apparently this is also not “synth.”

So he rehearsed yesterday evening with loud thumping beats and misery pop while I watched Doris Day movies in my bunny slippers with a hot chocolate.

I am his shameful secret.

artfactScreen Shot 2015-02-21 at 09.22.26 IMG_7441


Spotify War

My husband tried to mess up my Spotify recommendations today by playing numerous songs from the band Europe (“The Final Countdown”).

This means war.

I hope the husband enjoys “Wham Rap.”


Abba reuniting?

C’mon.  I can’t be the only one who thought that when they saw the headline.

Skärmavbild 2015-02-10 kl. 11.42.51

If I could save time in a …..

The whole family was riding in the car listening to Jim Croce’s “If I Could Save Time in a Bottle.”  I was thinking of the beautiful lyrics, the meaning, the lovely tune, and then my youngest son said….

“Why does he say ‘If I could save time in a BOTTOM?  Ewwww!”


Long live creepy radio!

When I lived in Houston, I enjoyed listening to the college radio station.  You never knew what they would be playing.  It could be anything from Robert Johnson to the Muppets.  The best part of finding the channel was the DJs.  After most blocks of songs, there would be at least a 10 second awkward silence before you would hear, “Uh… yeah… uh… that was the Moody Blues covering the theme song from Flash Gordon….. uh…. up next… uh….. Mike with the Chamber Music hour….”

Who runs these college stations?  I always thought the point of the stations was to train students going into radio.  I suppose this might be why radio is phasing out now and continious music on Sirius and Spotify is more popular.

I’ve missed the creepy college station here in Stockholm, but yesterday while driving in the car (I blame you for that McDonald’s), I found an odd station in English playing old 60s music.  It’s not common to find English speaking radio here, so I listened for a while as the British DJ talked about the songs.  Imagine my joy as I heard the completely inexperienced man say in a drawling, monotone voice, “uh….. that was The Doors…. Hello, I Love You…uh…kind of short song….. most of their songs were longer….. not that one….. uh…. going to play some blues next….. the blues are not so happy….. usually men compaining…… uh…. not good relationships…… yeah….. um…. here’s Buddy Guy.”

What sort of station is this?!  It’s now on Pre-set number 1 in the car.  I’m not sure if it’s an English learning station or some lonely British guy in Stockholm stuck in a basement with his old records.  But this is what I’ve been missing.  Good for you, creepy British radio guy!  Our kids need to live in a world with mysterious, confused radio DJs.  Keep up the good work!


Under the Bridge

Tonight I’m going to a club called “Under the Bridge” to watch my very talented husband perform.  Of course, when he first told me he was performing “under the bridge,” I tried to assure him that we weren’t having bad money problems and I’m sure he could find something better to do than sing under a bridge in the freezing cold.  Fortunately I misunderstood and it’s simply the name of a club located, of course, under a bridge.

I’m looking forward to tonight, but the performance doesn’t start until after midnight.  This is not easy for older parents of 2.  I’m not sure I even want to know what this town looks like after midnight on a Friday payday weekend.  I’m taking the car and a thermos full of coffee.  We will see how I do fitting in with the 20-something year old club kids.  Hmm…. maybe the blue wig will do the trick.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 10.48.01

Let’s Go Crazy!

So there I am, sitting in a crowded subway surrounded by surly teenagers, when suddenly out of my pocket a little man from Minneapolis says, “Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life….”

Those touch pads on the iphone don’t seem to work quite fast enough when you are desperately trying to stop your 1984 “Purple Rain” album from rockin’ the whole subway car.

I have no idea why that music started up.  Normally I always have my headphones on even if there is no music playing.   It’s the best way to avoid having to talk to crazy people and drunks.  Unfortunately it doesn’t always work, but it stops about 20 percent of them which is an improvement.

At least it was Prince and not something more embarassing blaring out of my phone, because believe me, I’ve got a lot of strange stuff on there.

Speed of lightning, roar of thunder…

If I were to start a music blog, I think my first post would be about the theme song to Underdog (popular cartoon from 1964-73).  I recently came across the song in an old t.v. theme song collection and it really stands out.   This was back when people actually put some thought into theme songs instead of just using two rhyming words shouted repeatedly at small, dumb children, as seems to be the practice today.

If you have Spotify, you should really check this song out.   Otherwise, you can hear it here –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcjOi_3H7gw

I keep trying to encourage my friends in bands to cover this song.  It’s just brilliance.   Even the Wu-Tang clan sampled this song.   It seems I’m not the only one who recognized the genius of it.   Yes, me and the Wu-Tang clan….  we see the light.


I don’t think anyone could listen to Bootsy Collins and be depressed.  If only we could all be as cool as Bootsy.  I hope my neighbors feel the same as the music is really rockin’ the whole apartment today.  These dark Swedish winters need a bit more Bootsy.

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