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What does the fox say? “I WILL EAT YOUR CAT!”

Well, the big news around our neighborhood this week is that we allegedly have some foxes going around EATING PEOPLE’S CATS!

Once again, these are animals that everyone in my neighborhood sees (last year it was badgers) but I never catch a glimpse. We live next to the forest and I walk through there all the time. No foxes, badgers or beavers that I can see. Plenty of deer and rabbits.

Anyway, it’s been fun to read the threads in our neighborhood group. On one side you have the cat people “Protect your cats!” On the other side, you have the bird people, “It’s good that the foxes eat the cats because the cats eat too many birds!”

A few more choice favorites are the guy who posted that “city cats are WEAK! A country cat could take out a fox any day.”

And just for fun, if you hit Google translate on some of these, they get really weird. Here’s a case where a woman is talking about a 3-legged deer in Swedish. Google turns more gruesome:

I called Marshall who came here and shot a “Three-legged” kid in my garden for a couple of years ago. I didn’t know if it was right or wrong

Yet another Google translate mistake (with the name of a street) turned another post into something quite poetic:

“I saw a fox last week at the ancient path. It had a cat in his mouth and went with a firm step against the park in front of the ancient house. He seemed very fearless.”

I will do my best to keep you updated in the “Neighborhood Fox Saga.” I hope it lives up to last year’s “Badgers in our Gardens.”


Not my neighborhood

I went back to work last week.  I’d been gone over Christmas holidays.  Apparently, 2 weeks is enough for me to forget where work is, because I got very lost and ended up in front of the Latvian Embassy.

I can never figure out this area that my job is in. Stockholm isn’t that big of a city, but I’ve just never explored this particular area. While I walked 20 minutes to find my work in this neighborhood, I tried to think why I never get to this part of town in my free time.  Then I looked around at the stores – chandelier store, violin store and French tile store.  Mystery solved.


Sure, it cuts down on transportation, but….

While walking though my neighborhood today, I noticed they built the Old Folk’s Home facing the graveyard.  Seems cruel.


Neighborhood seance

Each day I walk through a trail near the woods to pick up my children from school.  And each day I pass a sign regarding saving the woodsy area that someone has STAPLED to a tree, which I always find funny.  But yesterday, as I passed this sign, I saw there was a new sign stapled beneath it.  The writing was a bit small to read from the sidewalk so I walked up closer to see what new environmental message or advertisement might be written there.

Turns out, the paper is all about a seance that someone in the neighborhood is going to hold and it’s asking if anyone would like to join.  I must say that I’ve seen plenty of fliers for apartment hunting, beds for sale or excersice classes around the neighborhood, but never one for a seance.  This neighborhood is getting much more interesting.  I wonder if they have snacks.


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