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I have a (5th grade) dream…

I visited my 5th grade son’s school earlier this week and I noticed kids’ projects taped to the wall for their English lessons that said, “I Have a Dream” (they’re also studying human rights).
Most kids had written things like “My dream is that no one should be poor.” “My dream is that there will be no more war.”

My son, very concerned that we have recently become stuck with a low-selection Swedish Netflix, wrote, “My dream is that we get American Netflix back.”



Pet peeve

As many people have been doing over the holidays, I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix.  One of the shows I’ve been watching is  “Bletchley Circle,” about a group of former Bletchley Park code-breakers solving mysteries.

The show is great but one of the scenes drove me crazy. It’s not just this show either.  It’s a scene I’ve seen in a lot of movies and t.v. shows that always annoys me.

The women sneak into a police station to go through files, then they just pull out the papers they want, put them on a desk, on the floor, etc.  They don’t mark which folders they came from.  They’re all shuffled in a messy pile.

What happens after they’re done?  Do they put the files back where they belong?  If so, how do they figure out where they go? If they leave them all out, wouldn’t they be reported to the police once it’s discovered?  How is it for the next set of detectives who want to sneak into the file room if the last set pulled everything out of folders and didn’t put it back in the right places?

Also, when do they go to the toilet?


They’ve done it again!

First Spotify, then Amazon…. now the kids have gotten into my Netflix account and changed all the settings!  I worked for weeks cultivating the perfect system for recommendations.  I rated all my favorite stuff.  Watched a few things – Thrillers, Sci-Fi, Foreign.

I turned it on now and all the recommendations are for “The Magic Bus,”  “Phineus and Ferb,”  and “Smurfs.”  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

We had guests over last weekend and we told the kids they could watch something.  I found them watching a cartoon on Netflix.  I had no idea they could work it.  They usually watch on another system.  It seems that I had stupidly left Netflix on from watching a movie earlier that day.  They ended up in my account instead of the special one I made for kids.

RUINED!  I give up!  I’m going to watch all seasons of Spongebob.  I’m going to listen to Club Penguin songs and just buy Legos and nothing else from Amazon.  I give up.  I can’t win.


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