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More pigs not wearing pants

Happy New Year!
Don’t forget your pants!

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A quiet New Year’s Eve

I’m not sure if it’s age or lack of sun, but almost everyone I know in Stockholm (including me) just wants to spend a quiet New Year’s Eve with their family this year. Oh, we still plan to dress up, eat a fancy dinner and have champagne, it’s just that … I’m not sure, maybe we just want a relaxing night where we can be ourselves and not worry about impressing other people. Or maybe we’ve reached the age where we are able to do exactly what makes us happy, which tonight is playing games, laughing and enjoying good food & drink with the people we truly love most in the world.

… Or maybe it’s just way too cold here to head out to a New Year’s Eve party in the snow wearing pantyhose and high heels.


Is it 2015 already?!

Wow!  I think I fell into some sort of candy coma.  The last thing I remember was loads of gingerbread, chocolates, saffron buns, and beef jerkey (to even out the sugar, of course).  Allow me to salad-shock myself today and then I’m back on track!  Happy New Year all!

New Year’s Resolution: No candy until Friday.  (I like to think short-term.)


2013 remembered in quotes from a 6 year old

To cap off the year, I will now list the best quotes from the year of 2013 by my 6-year old son, Max…..

Max: Why can only adults change their names?
Me: Because kids might pick something they don’t want later. What would you want to be called if you could choose?
Max: Bajsus Korvus (English: Poopus Turdus)

Max: Isla says that if you cut your tongue, you get a snake tongue.
Me: That’s not true. You won’t get a snake tongue, you will go to the hospital.
Max: But Isla saw it for real!
Me: No, she saw it in a cartoon.
(Max very angry at me…thinks a bit..)
Max: When I grow up, I’m going to be a cartoon actor so I can have a snake tongue.

Max: Mamma, can you get me this magazine?
Me: It’s only sold in the U.S.
Max: Can you go there and buy it for me?
Me: It’s going to take me 2 days and 4 plane flights.
Max: Well, just do it already so I can get it!

Max: I can’t sleep. God says I can’t have a time machine because they haven’t been invented.
Me: Well, that’s right. They’re not invented yet. Where would you go if you had one?
Max: I’d go to summer so I could quit having snow in my face.


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