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More pigs not wearing pants

Happy New Year!
Don’t forget your pants!

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New Year’s haircut

We took the boys to get haircuts today.  My husband told the barber to keep it a bit short on the sides but longer on top.  Before we could stop him, the barber had shaved off the side of our youngest son’s head.  Challenge number one of the New Year – keep a smile on my face while telling my son how nice it looks (he’s thrilled, of course).

This reminds me of one of our friends who went to a barber shop in our hometown in Texas.  He took a number and unfortunately when his turn came up, he got “Shaky.”  Yes, the barber’s name was “Shaky.”  He should’ve left then, but he didn’t.  However, part of his ear left him during the visit. Just a nick, but still.

I wonder what the name of the barber was that we went to today.  My guess – “The Scalper.”


Time Traveling on a Friday morning

I called a number this morning while I was on the bus and left this message for a friend:

“Hello, I’m calling from Friday morning.  I hope you are having a good Thursday night. I’ll try to call again this weekend.”

In reality, I’m calling from Europe, where it is 7 am in the morning on Friday, to my friend in California – where it is 10pm Thursday night.  But to my eavesdropping fellow passengers…. I’m a time traveler from the future!  I randomly call people in the past to warn them about events that will occur 9 hours later!

I like to call my friend on New Years day each year so that I am calling to the past year.  I’ve often wondered about flying on New Year’s Eve/day at midnight.  “I stepped on the plane in Texas in the year 2012 and when I exited the plane in England, it was already 2013.”

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