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I was watching John Oliver’s YouTube clip about re-gifting this morning. He advised to just re-gift for office parties instead of re-gifting to your friends.  I feel like most people already have that down. A few years ago I was forced to participate in an office Secret Santa exchange. I have no idea what I gave, though I admit it was most likely re-gifted, but my Secret Santa gave me a cookbook. Number one, I’m a terrible cook, so it’s either a horrible gift or brilliant, depending on how you look at it. But more importantly, when I opened the book to browse through it on the way home, I found this inscription:

“Happy Anniversary Darling, from your loving wife.”

Wow. A re-gifted anniversary present? That’s pretty low….. but awfully funny.


My life as a lab rat

I’m starting to easily understand the old story of Alexander Fleming leaving an experiment over a long weekend and discovering penicillin from the mold when he came back. Apparently in my office, they are trying to recreate this experiment with leftover food and half-full coffee cups. Unfortunately, I don’t work in a science facility and tend to think it’s more of a social experiment as in, “how long can Heather stand to work in an office with rotting food?”

For all those scientists and social behavior students, I give you the answer –  2 days. I gave up and hauled it all out. But don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll continue with “Experiment Number 72 : How Many Croutons and Dirty Forks Can We Leave on the Conference Table?” this afternoon.”


Cheap microwave

Don’t have a microwave at your work?  Just do what I do!  Set the portable heater on high and put your muffin in front!  Works like a charm.


Plan B

My co-worker received a phone call last week from a customer who could not get the product she wanted because it was sold out.

“What will I do now?”  the woman said, “I really needed that!”

“You’ll just have to go to Plan B,” said my co-worker.

“What’s Plan B?” said the woman.

“Plan B is just whatever backup you have.  It means you have to have another plan for this.”

The woman answered, “But you didn’t give me a Plan B!”


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