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More pigs not wearing pants

Happy New Year!
Don’t forget your pants!

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Merry Christmas from Pigs without Pants

I’ve always thought pigs on cards at Chrsitmas is a strange thing. Apparently, many places eat ham for Christmas dinner, so this somehow equates to pig cards, pig cookie cutters, pig ornaments, etc. It’s just weird, especially when the pig is happy or also excited about Christmas. Just seems cruel.

But one thing I’ve noticed…. no matter where you are in the world… pigs don’t wear pants.

Merry Christmas. I leave you with these words:

We are all the same in this world. No matter what country you live in, pigs don’t wear pants.

Pig history

I’ve been reading “The Wright Brothers” by David McCullough this week, and while it’s a great book and I never realized how great and amazing these brothers and their family were, today I came across this picture.

Where is the biography on this pig?!  Did this pig have a helpful and supportive pig sister? Did the other pigs say, “You’ll never do it, pigs can’t fly!”  Was this pig celebrated in France? I need this book. If no one else is going to write it, it may be up to me.

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Horrible Vintage Christmas cards pt.3

These evil pigs would like to wish you a merry Christmas! And maybe eat your children.











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