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Pet Rock – The Next Generation

I told the kids I had a Pet Rock when I was their age. They thought I made it up.

Then I showed them the exact one I had, on the internet (pictured here), and they laughed so hard they actually fell on the ground.

They have now collected 2 big rocks with the plan of painting eyes for them. Now I hear them discussing their rock plans in the bedroom. “Mine is lava, so it will be a fire type!”

“Sulphur floats! It’s a water type!”

And now they’ve just come out to tell me they’ve invented Rockémon and they’re going to start battling rocks.

It’s cheaper than a Playstation, I guess.




Pokemon Logic

Kids don’t like it when you try to add logic to their cartoons.

I tried to be a nice parent today and watch a Pokemon episode with my son. These were my unappreciated observations:

1. Isn’t it cruel to catch these Pokemon and force them to battle each other?

2. How come one of them can talk and the others can’t?

3. Shouldn’t these kids be in school? Where are their parents?


All hail Pikachu


Now this is how you take over the world.  My kids would follow Japanese cartoon characters anywhere.


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