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Sweden has political problems too


(Be sure to read the caption on the photo. I wouldn’t want this weasel to be blamed for anything.)

Drinking wine and eating a baguette on bonfire night

Yes, we take a lot of trips. At the moment, we are in Paris. You may say, “How come you can travel so much? Don’t people work in Sweden?”

The short answer is, “Not all that much.”

The longer answer is that we have lots of fun holidays and we are good at doing our work while having plenty of free time, which keeps everyone quite happy and pretty productive. This particular week, we have 2 days off. One for April 30, Valborg, in which we are all required to stand around a bonfire singing songs and freezing to death while pretending spring is here. The other holiday is May 1, on which you get a day off of work to protest about work, or human rights, war, or pickles if you like.

By taking a vacation during this week, the kids don’t miss much school and we don’t miss much work. The only drawback is that Paris also celebrates May 1 tomorrow and many things are closed for protesting. I might go out and protest that things are closed. Who knows? We will see.


Tag lines

While pre-publishing a post for next week (I’ll be on vacation) about politics and Europe, I was suggested certain tags for my post in order to publicize it. I’m still trying to figure out why the tagging suggestions were America, beer and cheese.

Not that I’m complaining, I’m just not sure what that has to do with politics and Europe. Unless of course the underlying message is, “Hey man, just come to America, eat cheese, drink beer and forget about your problems.”

I suppose that’s good political policy as well.

beercheese impeace


One of the political parties in Stockholm wants to have butlers in the subway.  My idea when I read the headline was that he would follow each person around, carry their bags, warm up and save a seat, hold open doors when you’re running and have a hot cup of tea waiting when you step in.

However, it seems that their idea is to have someone do your laundry and your grocery shopping for you so you can pick it up at the subway station when you get off of work.  The laundry thing is ridiculous.  Why would people in Stockholm carry their giant laundry bags all the way to the subway, give their dirty underwear to a stranger or PAY to have their laundry done when everyone has free laundry rooms in their apartment buildings?

Oh well.  I guess it’s nice to live in a city where apparently there are no other issues for the political parties to discuss except whether we should have butlers in the subways.

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