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What to do when the Queue Machine is Broken

New episode of the podcast is up! As you can see from the title, we tackle a question that many Swedes struggle with – what to do when the queue machine is broken.

This week’s guest is Sharmala from Malaysia, so we get to see moving to Sweden from a different point of view. We also learn a bit about Malaysia in the process (did you know they elect a king every 5 years?)

Take a listen as we discuss why Sweden should not have Black Friday and why Malaysia is “truly Asia.”

Then it’s on iTunes, Spotify, etc. as usual.

Adventures in public transportation

Otherwise known as “Yesterday: A true story”

Scene 1

Woman runs for bus. Bus drives off as she reaches stop.

Scene 2

After catching later bus, Woman arrives to pick up son at school, but school is dark. Sign on door says school closed early. Woman trudges to separate building where they store leftover kids of forgetful parents.

Scene 3

Woman and kid wait at bus stop in light rain. Five minutes pass.

Lady in yellow vest: Are you waiting for the bus?

Woman: Yes

Lady in yellow vest: It doesn’t go from here this week. You’ll have to walk to the next stop.

Scene 4

Wet and tired woman and kid walk 10 minutes to next bus stop to find group of 50 people waiting for bus.

Woman sighs.

Scene 5

Woman and kid fight their way off packed bus to discover driver stopped 200 meters from station. In the rain.

Scene 6 – Next day

Woman sits at bus stop for 15 minutes. When bus pulls up, woman realizes she has been waiting at the stop that goes the opposite direction. Crosses street to wait 10 minutes more for correct bus.





I Don’t Like Mondays – and neither do the kids

Today is everyone’s first day back to school after Easter break. I had to haul depressed kids to the kitchen table for breakfast.  Then, in typical Monday fashion, we all missed the bus so we had to walk 10 minutes to the subway.  Or, as my 7-yr old said, “It’s a mile to the subway and I don’t have any muscles in my legs!”

Upon arriving at the completely packed subway, the doors shut on my husband and youngest son. Did I mention it’s also drizzling and gray this morning?

We tried to tell the kids that Mondays are hard for everyone. People even write songs about it! Manic Monday, Monday Monday, Blue Monday, and of course the one my husband chose to play for the children – “I Don’t Like Mondays.” Nice idea if it weren’t about a girl who hates Mondays so much that she shoots everybody.  Maybe not the best message for the kids?

This led to a discussion about which day of the week has the most songs written about it. Our conclusion was that it might be between Monday and Saturday (possibly Friday). After searching around, I think Monday is winning. Sad songs sell better than happy ones I guess. Am I wrong? Maybe there are a whole slew of songs about Tuesday I’m not aware of.

Skärmavbild 2015-04-13 kl. 09.05.48


Rain is God’s way of saying, “You are way too lazy to water those plants on your balcony.”


Rainy days and explosions

Woke up this morning to a light rain.  Ah, I thought… what a great day to be unemployed!  I’ll crack the window open a bit, smell that fresh rain smell and read a book.

I forgot that they are constructing a new garbage area for our building.  This consists of a giant hole in the ground covered by a canvas bag which collects garbage that we throw through a nice chute at the top.  A truck will come by twice a week, open the chute and lift the canvas bag into the truck.  It’s a nice system.

Once again – hole in ground, bag, chute.

So tell me why they’ve been working on this for 6 business days and why they need explosives to dig a hole about 10 feet deep?

Every day I’m at home, I heard the sirens go off.  BEEP BEEP BEEP!  (here it comes….)  BOOM!   Then the all-clear beep.  I’m scared to stand too close to the windows.

What are they blowing up?  I’ve seen the hole.  They scooped it already with a tractor.  They blow it up all day long but it doesn’t get any deeper or bigger.  I’m thinking they’re just using it to test explosives when no one is home.  Just people playing around saying, “woo-hoo!  How much longer can we get paid for this?”

Pretty soon they’re going to start constructing new apartment buidilngs right across the street from us.  There is currently a large hill there.  If it takes 6 days and about 20 explosions to dig a 10-foot garbage hole, I’m not looking forward to seeing what it takes to demolish a hill and build apartments.  I’m going to the store today to buy earplugs and a foam suit to wear around the house.

(All of this construction and I can’t get them to fix the flush on the toilet.)

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