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Today in Swedish class, we had a list of vocabulary words.  One girl didn’t recognize the word “genius” in Swedish and asked what it was.  As the teacher was answering her, I heard a guy in the back mumble, “It means, not you.”

Once again…. even as an adult, school is exactly the same as always.


Another day, another Swedish class

As I said last week, going to school as an adult is pretty much the same as high school.  The teacher’s heels click down the hall as she walks to the room, I got caught spacing out when she called on me the other day, I’ve already identified the jock and the A+ student, etc.

We have been asked to read a novel that we can discuss as a class.  First thing today, everyone complained about the choice of novel.  “It’s too hard, can’t we pick whatever we want?”  That took up 20 minutes and the answer of course was no.  This reminds me of the same thing we did in 7th grade when we didn’t want to read George Orwell’s “1984”.  We complained so much that we got “The Outsiders” instead.  Lesson learned.  Never complain.  Orwell is clearly the superior, though my 12-yr old self didn’t realize it at the time.

We also got someone in the back of the room today who raised his hand and complained, “Why does Swedish have to have so many words that mean the same thing?”  The teacher of course asked if his native Greek did not have 2 words that meant basically the same thing – like happy and glad.

I await more interesting discussion from my classmates tomorrow.

Schoolchildren bored in a classroom, during lesson.

Oranges can’t fly. Who knew?

My son forgot his fruit to take to school today.  When he and my husband left, I suddenly remembered and banged on the window to get their attention.  I threw an orange out of the window.  It was smashed.  I really thought oranges were stronger than that.

It could also be because we live in the third floor, but really, I thought it would make it.

I’m going to need to find some more sturdy fruits if I plan to keep throwing these out the window.  Good thing he didn’t forget his hot chocolate.


Adult vs. 6 year old

Yesterday’s exchange with my 6 year old son explains why the kids are running late to school most days:

Me:  Max, put your dishes in the dishwasher.

Max:  I am not Max, I am Alpha Rex.

Me: Alpha Rex, put your dishes in the dishwasher.

Max:  Alpha Rex does not have that program.

Me:  (push buttons) Now he does. Alpha Rex put your dishes up!

Max:  Alpha Rex has no control pad.

Me:  Yes he does, I glued it on.

Max:  Glue does not stick to Alpha Rex.

Me:  Yes it does because I put an invisible force field on it.

Max:  Alpha Rex has no program for dishes. Only cannons.

Me:  Then use your cannons to put up the dishes.

Max:  Alpha Rex does not compute.

(I really don’t remember how the rest of it went, just that at some point  my husband told me I couldn’t win against a 6 yr old and I think I told him that Alpha Rex doesn’t need toys so I’ll just remove them and then the dishes were put away.)


UN day

Yesterday was UN day in Sweden.  This is a day when we are supposed to celebrate different cultures and countries.  From my experience, this is mostly only celebrated by schools.   For my children,  I sent then with two containers full of peach cobbler.  It’s a southern U.S. dessert and one of my favorites, so it really kills me to know that the children at school will take one look at it, declare it mush and waste it.  I’ve only got one mix pack left and it’s like gold.

At the place where I work, they gave a concert.  I had the idea that this should be a concert of world music, but instead they only sang British and American music.  I think they missed the whole point of the day, or it was the only music they could play on guitar.  Here was the playlist:

1. Imagine (John Lennon) – Ok, I guess I get this one.  Unifying everyone, world peace and love, etc.

2. Let it Be (Beatles) – This is stretching it I think.  What exactly does this have to do with the countries of the world?

3. Dust in the Wind (Kansas) – So the message here is – nothing matters, we all turn to dirt and die.  Hooray UN day!

4. Lean on Me – Really?  Will this song ever go away?  They sang this back when I was in school at gatherings in the auditorium.  It’s just been way too overused.  I’m surprised they didn’t do an encore with “Stand by Me.”  Once again, what does this have to do with UN day?  Lean on me other countries!  Hmm… maybe it’s a message about the Greek Economic bailout.  Yes, I’ll go with that.

Happy UN day everyone.


Tornado School!

It’s time to look at schools for our oldest son.  After careful searching through the neighborhood, I finally found the perfect school.  TORNADO SCHOOL!!!!!  I know nothing about it, it just sounds exciting.   Unfortunately, it’s a bit too far out of our area.  Too bad.  I was hoping he could start there, continue on to Thunderstorm high school and finally end up at Hurricane University.

Here is a picture of the actual logo from the school:

My Day

7:30 – 8:30 am  –   Feed kids.  Dress them in super arctic daycare gear.   Realize 5 year old forgot to go to bathroom.  Take off all super artic daycare gear and replace 5 minutes later.

8:45 am– Drop kids off at daycare.  Carry empty purse so it looks like I’m going to work or somewhere important.  Must convince daycare staff that I have things to do and am not going home to watch t.v. and drink hot chocolate.

9 am– 3 pm-   Watch t.v..  Drink hot chocolate.

3pm – Wear different coat and hat to daycare to try to fool staff into thinking I’m a different parent.  Don’t want to hear what my kids did wrong today.  Grab kids, sneak out gate.

3:15 pm-  Take kids to grocery store.  Direct their attention to animatronic monkeys in the banana section while I grab some ice cream and chocolate.  If kids discover ice cream and chocolate, I tell them it’s a present for someone else.

5 pm –   Convince children that watching their mother play video games is fun for the whole family.  Ease my conscience by pointing out names of things on screen and believing that to be educational.

6 pm – Fix dinner.  Place pieces of food on ground like garbage and tell 2-year old not to touch.  This is the only way to get him to eat his fruits and vegetables.

7 pm – 8 pm –  Check email while husband convinces kids that watching their father play video games is fun and educational.  Write family and friends back home about exciting and adventerous life in Europe.

9 pm – Put kids to bed with relaxing 50s Rockabilly music.  Fall asleep on couch at 9:15.

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