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A Knuckle Sandwich for Breakfast, dear?

I punched my husband in the face this morning. Right in the nose!

Of course, I thought he was some weirdo trying to attack me in a hotel.

Yes, I was dreaming and my husband’s face was unfortunately positioned in a perfect punching position. On the positive side, I’ve never been able to punch anyone in my dreams, my arms are always too weak, so this is an improvement. Gotta look at the positive side. Oh wait, maybe this is very much NOT an improvement for my husband.

I realized this morning that for all my complaining that I can’t sleep on the nights my husband snores, he just may have a better reason to complain about interrupted sleep.

I occasionally suffer from night terrors. I will shake and scream in the middle of the night to call for help when I’m being chased or attacked in my dreams. Obviously, this wakes up my husband, who is nice enough to calm me down and get me back to sleep while he stays awake another hour, because who goes back to sleep after blood-curdling screams? (Besides me.)  Of course, he was not kind enough to help me back to sleep this morning after I punched him in the nose, which I suppose I might deserve.

So I’m going to have to lay low on the complaints about snoring for at least a week.

I just had a thought. Maybe my punch in the nose cured the snoring!

Always look at the positive in life, I say.





Give me a few days people.



We’re currently in Boston for the first time. As I’m scheduling this before we leave, I have nothing real to write about the place yet other than I’m hoping we are able to understand people better than we did in Dublin and we are hoping to gain 5 lbs each with good food.Plans for Boston: Day 1: Eat, sleepDay 2: Eat, M.I.T., Eat, Snack, Nap, Eat, SleepDay 3: Eat, park, Eat, look at old boats, Eat, Dessert, SleepDay 4: Eat, boat, Eat, park, take picture of old building, Eat, Dessert SleepAs you can see, I think I’ve planned a very satisfying and exciting vacation to Boston. I just hope I don’t miss any opportunities to eat.beans

Reasons my kids won’t go to sleep

Here are the reasons the kids wouldn’t go to sleep just for last night:

1. Thirsty

2. Thought they heard someone playing a computer game.

3. Had an idea for a plasma ball invention.

4. Panicking because they can’t play a Mozart piece on the piano.

5. Thought of a way to stop missiles in war – build a force field.

6. Some teddy bears were up and wanted to come sleep in our room.

7. Radio went off. Wants to know if they can start up music again.

8. An addition to the missile force field – a detector to see if the object is peaceful (can be allowed in) or if its mean (will bounce off).

9. I have no idea. I gave up and went to bed myself.


Am I too cynical?

I have to read food news for my job. The headline for one said, “Make your own cheese with only 2 ingredients!”

I do that all the time. Milk and laziness.  Done.



When are the scientists going to realize that people in northern countries should really just hibernate all winter?


Back to the grind

Today most Swedes go back to work from the holidays.  The subways and buses will be full of bleary-eyed people chugging coffee and wondering where all those mornings in bed have gone.  It’s easy to completely change your schedule with 2 weeks off.  Lately we’ve been up til midnight and waking up in the mornings around 9 or 9:30am. (Don’t laugh – that’s pretty late when you have small kids.) Today we eased our way back with 7:30am.  Tomorrow when the kids start school, it will be 6:30 am.  Oh the horror!  How do people do this?  After 2 weeks, I’ve completely forgotten how this works.  After 2 weeks I’ve also forgotten how to eat normal things for breakfast and not waffles and cookies!  After 2 weeks I’m going to have to wear actual clothes and not pajamas!

I hope Easter gets here quickly.


Welcome to my nightmare

I had a dream last night that I was suddenly 33 years old.  “Wow,” I thought, “Time really flies.  I didn’t realize I was this old already.”

Then I woke up and remembered I’m 38.


Nap time

I was reading an article in the paper earlier this week about activities on the subway.  Five people were polled regarding what they like to do while riding the subway.  All five answered “Sleep.”

Is that really what they like to do, or what happens?  I started a job last month which is 30 minutes by subway to my house.  Not one day has passed that I have made it home awake.  I simply can’t do it. I’m fairly sure they are pumping something into the air supply of these trains.  Am I the only one blacking out every day?  What if it’s a conspiracy and everyone on the train falls asleep at the same time?!  What are they doing to us in there?!   Someone must find out what is happening!

Or, maybe I should grab a cup of coffee each day before I leave.

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