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Social Media Detox

It’s that time of year again. I will be disconnected for 3 weeks and it’s going to be GREAT as usual!

Anything posted here is pre-scheduled! So if I’m not commenting on things, well…. that’s why.

Being disconnected also means I see no news at all unless it’s in Italian, of which I understand only about 25%. This makes things fun because I can make the news anything I want by filling in context clues for the words I don’t understand.

“3 out of 10 people OWN LEMURS
“Mount Everest climbers encounter SHARKS.”
“Farmers are using SQUIRRELS to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.”

This used to be how I read the Swedish news before I learned Swedish. And honestly, I still miss a few words from time to time. But that makes life interesting. “Swedish forests filled with WHALES.”

Screenshot 2019-06-19 at 09.36.14.png

I control you now, Sweden!

This week, I speak for the entire country of Sweden.

Sweden’s Twitter account has a new leader every week.  On their website, it states:

Every week, someone in Sweden is @Sweden: sole ruler of the world’s most democratic Twitter account.

For seven days, he or she recommends things to do and places to see, sharing diverse opinions, and ideas along the way.

And today begins the Rule of Heather!  Where will I lead this glorious country this week?  Will I declare mandatory vacations for all in the winter?  Will I demand BlueBell ice cream be imported immediately?  Who knows???!!

So come check me out this week on Twitter during my takeover of this winter wonderland.  @sweden


Facebook settings

Why is Facebook so concerned about what I put out to other people?  I don’t care about that!  I need settings that stop OTHER people from posting annoying things to my timeline.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 09.15.45


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