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Fake Starbucks names

Whenever we go to a Starbucks in the U.S., my husband (Måns) uses a fake name because it’s impossible for the workers to understand his name. He likes to use the name “Storm” because he feels it’s easy to understand and spell.

This backfired in Boston. When he gave his “Storm” name, the man working the register said, “Wow, is that really your name?”

Thinking the guy just thought it sounded cool and wanting to hurry, my husband said, “yeah.”

Then the man goes, “That’s my name too!”

And sure enough, his name tag said “Storm.”


It’s coming…

Starbucks is finally coming to Stockholm.  For the past 2 years, (or more?) we in Stockholm have had to book a flight at the airport to get into the only Starbucks in Stockholm, which lies behind the x-ray machines at Arlanda airport.

There have been rumors for years, but it finally looks like it’s going to happen.  Many of us are very excited.  My husband and I always seek out Starbucks when we are on vacation in another country.  It’s one of our traveling treats.  However, I bet that once Starbucks is available here, we won’t even bother much with after a couple of months.  It was the same when Ben & Jerry’s came.  We went crazy with all the flavors the first few months, but now we pick it up just a few times a year.

So now could we please get a Papa John’s, Luby’s and about 10 great Mexican restaurants so I can get tired of those as well?

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Starbucks in Sweden

A few weeks back, our family took a trip to Gothenburg, which is a town in southern Sweden.  Besides the airport in Stockholm (behind security), Gothenburg has the only Starbucks in Sweden as far as I know.  Why is this?  The rest of Europe has Starbucks.  Even Istanbul has Starbucks!  Get with the program, Sweden!

I visited the Swedish Starbucks during my trip.  I waited 5 minutes for my turn while the girl at the counter had to ask the man in front of me 10 times for his name.  She simply could not understand what he was saying or how to spell it.  As far as I’m concerned – who cares if Starbucks doesn’t write my name correctly in marker on a cup I’m going to throw away when it’s empty?

When she got to me and asked my name, I said, “Heather.”

“Henny?” she replied.

“Yes.  That’s right.”

Discount Airlines

Let me tell you a little story about a trip we took on one of these discount airlines.  To protect the airlines identity, I’ll call them Lyin Air.

We chose Lyin Air because we found a price to our destination that was incredibly low and because it was hard to believe anything could be that bad.  We thought wrong.

Lyin Air is “conveniently located” at Skavsta Airport – over an hour from Stockholm.  Skavsta “airport” is really just an old warehouse hanger with no order to it at all.  People either mill around or buy an overpriced soggy sandwich and dream of Starbucks at Arlanda airport.

Lyin Air does not assign seats.  This is a terrible idea.  You either stand in line hours before as if you were waiting for concert tickets, or suffer the consequence of being seated next to the bathroom between a man who doesn’t believe in showers and a screaming baby.

Once the door is open, however, the line matters not.  It’s a mad dash for the airplane, which is parked on the tarmac.  Whoever is the fastest gets the best seats.  Sorry grandma!

Even if you manage to get the seat you wanted, there will be no rest.  I have never in my life experienced seats that close together and without seat pockets.  How much money can you save on seat pockets?

Once the plane is in the air, it turns into a crowded baseball game.  I kid you not, the crew walk up and down the aisle constantly yelling, “candy, drinks, smokeless cigarettes?”   It never ends.  I made the mistake of asking for a coke.  A third of a coke can costs 4 dollars.

Once the flight touches down, a trumpet fanfare plays.  What is the meaning behind this?  It’s like when people clap after a particularly bumpy flight where they were all convinced they were going to die.  Is the trumpet fanfare to celebrate that we actually made it?  Because that’s the only thing going through my head.

Never again Lyin Air!  I will pay the extra hundred dollars for my assigned seat, Starbucks and piece of mind.

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