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Never make a grocery list while tired

I was exhausted Monday and decided to make my grocery list for the next day right before bed. Here is the list I made, which I did not look at until I was in the grocery store this morning:

Red beets
Tomato sauce
Milk & stuff

“Milk & Stuff?” I stood there quite a long time in the aisle trying to figure out what I meant. Milk & Stuff.  What kind of stuff? Milky stuff? What would that be?


Colonel Bubbies

One of our favorite stores in Galveston, Texas is closing at the end of the summer.  It’s an army surplus store called Col. Bubbies and it’s filled with old scary military items from around the world and the occasional cat roaming around.  It’s a strange store to have in a beach town, but perhaps that’s why it’s always been so fascinating.  It will be sad to see it go.  My question however is…..  who gets all the leftover machetes?


Advantages to grocery shopping in Sweden

In the months of November through April, I don’t have to rush home with the ice cream.

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