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Caterpillars in my hair

I spent an hour the other day with a caterpillar crawling in my hair.  I talked with my husband, typed on the computer and drank tea… all with a caterpillar in my hair.  I didn’t discover him until I went to wash my hands and took a look in the mirror.

There is a certain type of tree here in Stockholm where these tiny caterpillars just hang down from strings waiting to live in my hair.  Now I feel like things are crawling in my hair all the time.

It’s really hard to have confidence and feel good about yourself when you have caterpillar hair.

I have to buy a hat.


Spooky sunbathing

Took a walk today at lunch through a graveyard.  I’ve always thought it was creepy that they built a hospital across the street from a graveyard.  Half of the patient rooms are facing it.  What a depressing view.  Saves time with transportation after unsuccessful surgeries.

A friend at work told me about a graveyard somewhere in the city where people often sunbathe.  Two thoughts on this:

1.  At least people visit.

2. I wouldn’t want to spend too much time lying still in a graveyard.

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