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Hulk’s pants

Dinner time is an important meal for the whole family to spend together. We talk, learn about each other’s day, and discuss important topics of concern to us all.

The other day, that topic was the Incredible Hulk’s pants and superhero clothes in general.

So when Bruce Banner changes into the Incredible Hulk, all his clothes shred off except for his pants. Stan Lee and Marvel have tried to explain this as a special fiber that allows the pants to stretch, but our family has other questions:

  • Why do the pants tear at the ankles but not the upper thighs?
  • Why doesn’t the butt seam break apart like it does on normal people’s pants when they wear out?
  • How many pairs of these pants does he own and how much do they cost, because obviously he has to replace them every time he changes back?

This also leads to questions about another superhero:

  • Superman wears his costume under his clothes. Where’s the cape tucked in?
  • Superman removes his suit (usually in a phone booth) to expose his supersuit and fly off. What happens to his discarded business suit? People steal that right? What would you do if you found a nice suit crumpled up in a phone booth? How many suits does he have? A reporter doesn’t make that much money.

That’s as far as we got because then we were done eating dinner, but I feel this topic could easily be explored further.


You know what would be great?

My 8 yr old: You know what would be great?

My 10 yr old: What?

8 yr old: A burrito superhero.

10 yr old: A superhero who looks like a burrito? Or a superhero who gives out burritos?

8 yr old: A superhero who gives out burritos.

10 yr old: Ok, then. Yeah, that’d be great.


Super unemployable!

I noticed that some of the people in the unemployment office on Monday were wearing superhero t-shirts.  I suppose in Sweden there are lots of unemployed superheros on welfare.  Not enough crime, not enough jobs.



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