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Time Traveling on a Friday morning

I called a number this morning while I was on the bus and left this message for a friend:

“Hello, I’m calling from Friday morning.  I hope you are having a good Thursday night. I’ll try to call again this weekend.”

In reality, I’m calling from Europe, where it is 7 am in the morning on Friday, to my friend in California – where it is 10pm Thursday night.  But to my eavesdropping fellow passengers…. I’m a time traveler from the future!  I randomly call people in the past to warn them about events that will occur 9 hours later!

I like to call my friend on New Years day each year so that I am calling to the past year.  I’ve often wondered about flying on New Year’s Eve/day at midnight.  “I stepped on the plane in Texas in the year 2012 and when I exited the plane in England, it was already 2013.”


A 10 year old girl asked to use my desk phone yesterday.  Here’s how it went:

Girl: How do I dial?
Me: Just dial direct.  You don’t need anything special to get out.
Girl:  (puts receiver down on desk, dials number and stands there)  Now what do I do?

Girl picks up phone and begins to talk to her mother:

Girl: Yeah mom…. I KNOW!…. Well, I’m talking on an OLD phone….. Yeah….It has a CORD!


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