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Ok, here’s the horrible list

I ended last week on a nice note with beautiful Christmas music.

So now here’s my list of TERRIBLE Christmas music! It’s a great list to have if you want to get rid of holiday guests.


Screenshot 2019-12-05 at 10.37.19

I already have the real thing, thanks

Now luckily, I no longer have small children, but I saw this at the grocery store today. Win a free poop pillow from the diaper company.

Does someone actually want this? This isn’t aimed at teenagers or 5 year olds. This is aimed at parents who have to change diapers for small babies every day. WHY?! I think they’ve seen enough of the real stuff, and I’m pretty sure it isn’t smiling.


IMG_1506 2

More lovely pictures

Speaking of pictures from books, this one is my husband’s favorite:

Worst dinosaur movie ever

I accidently started a horrible dinosaur movie for the kids. It’s poorness complete with a poorness soundtrack.  Every dinosaur in the movie talks like a 5 year old girl.  Why would dinosaurs sound like little girls?  Dinosaurs should sound like scary screaming monsters and all they should be doing is eating each other.  They can’t even use proper dinosaur names, – “Longnecks, Little Foot.”   What’s wrong with Brontosaurus, or Velociraptor?   Is that too hard for children?  Does Hollywood really think kids are this stupid?

I’m about to pull the plug and tell the kids, “Oh no!  The t.v. broke!”

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