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Hot Dr. Pepper

Never really caught on. 


As usual, today is simply “Thursday” here in Sweden. I have nothing Thanksgiving-ish to say, so I leave you with the most disturbing pictures I could find on the internet.


Thanksgiving in Sweden

Happy Thanksgiving Americans.  Here’s my Swedish Thanksgiving meal.  It’s called Thursday soup.


Pie for breakfast

Breakfast this morning was pumpkin muffins, pie and …. a carrot – because you need something healthy.  Do my kids even realize how lucky they are to have an American mom that considers leftover pie and cake to be breakfast foods?  They’d rather have grapefruit and oatmeal.  Kids don’t know what they’re missing.

Today will be day 3 of Thanksgiving leftovers.  (We celebrated on Saturday.)  I feel that I may soon turn into a combination of sweet potatoes and green bean casserole.  I’ve forgotten if other food exists.  Maybe I’ll venture out to the grocery store today and see if people eat other things.  I have no memory of food before.  I know there are such things as pie, but that’s as far as I stretch.  I’ve been hearing of something called salad.  It rings a bell.  I wonder if my body can take it.  I shall experiment tonight – after my green bean and sweet potato lunch.


Giving thanks for not having to cook today

Happy Thanksgiving to all in the U.S.
Happy Thursday to Europe!

Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S.  This is the time when everyone meets family, eats too much, watches football and schedules wisdom teeth appointments so they don’t have to miss work or school (did this once the day before Thanksgiving – popular time at the oral surgeon’s office).  Note to others – consider how much you want to eat the Thanksgiving food before scheduling teeth surgery.

Back to the topic.

Obviously, it’s not Thanksgiving in Sweden, though they should thank us a bit because we are responsible for cranberries finally being sold in stores this time of year.

Like most Americans over here, we will be celebrating on Saturday when everyone is off work.  We order sliced turkey (I don’t have time to cook that nonsense) and make green bean casserole, sweet potatoes with praline topping, cranberry sauce, pumpkin and pecan pie.  The great thing about being the only American in the family is that Thanksgiving is all the food I like and nothing that I don’t like.  I just don’t need to tell anyone about the dishes I’m not interested in (stuffing).

The funny part is that my Swedish husband actually cooks everything.  He’s much better than I am at all these American dishes.  Sadly I can’t return this favor on Christmas Swedish meatballs.

So Happy Thanksgiving and if you aren’t American, go support the day by eating some cranberries, turkey or pumpkin.  Or basically eat anything you like, but be sure to stuff yourself until you fall asleep.




There is no Thanksgiving in Sweden.  I sincerely didn’t hope you read this title thinking that there was.


For we Americans who live here, we try to celebrate with family either on Thursday or the weekend that follows.  The toughest part is getting the ingredients needed, but as the American community grows and more Swedes are exposed to our customs, the easier it is to find.  Turkeys were extremely hard to find when I first came here.  Now they are quite easy.  The toughest things are cranberries and pumpkin pie filling.  We didn’t even have pumpkins available 10 years ago, but now they finally sell them so I choose to freeze the filling and use it for my pie.  My other option is to search out a can at some overpriced shop where I have to pay over 10 dollars a can.  No joke!

Cranberries are also becoming easier.  Just 5 years ago they started carrying them, but it was always the week AFTER Thanksgiving and then no one would buy them.  We will see how they do this year, but I have noticed that they now sell frozen ones in case we can’t find fresh.

I also usually get a recording of the Macy’s parade and play it in the background of our dinner.  The Swedes really enjoy the dance numbers.

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