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Dulles -steampunk or old and freaky?

So apparently at Dulles airport, when you need to get from one terminal to another, you ride in a boat/car/train. I have never seen this in my life. First of all, it’s extremely slow, non-practical and insane. Second, we are in 2016, right? Is Dulles aware that other forms of transportation technology exist?  It also raises up and down very slowly when it gets to the terminal. Is there anyone who can explain how this ever seemed like a good idea?


On the bus

I was riding the bus when a group of daycare children came on with their teachers to sit in the rows behind me.  It was very interesting listening to the 4 year olds try to pick seats:

“I don’t want to sit by him!”  “I want the window!”  “He’s touching me!”

It’s like everything that I always want to say on the bus, except if I said it people would think I was rude and crazy.  I know the rest of you want to say the same things.  I guess it rolls back around and when you’re age 90 you can say these things again.  Only 50+ more years to go!



In case you don’t live in Stockholm and were wondering what it was like earlier this week to fight off half a million people for buses when they shut down the subway, I took a picture:

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