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Ducks climbing up a tree

These are 2 ducks climbing up a tree. It’s hard to see, but the tree goes pretty high. It goes at an angle, which is partly why they jumped on (not to mention little kids trying to chase them on the ground), but they also like some sort of berries they can only reach by climbing up.

I’m well aware that ducks can fly, but I’ve never seen them climb trees. Just seemed interesting so I thought I’d share the picture. You see something new every day.


Caterpillars in my hair

I spent an hour the other day with a caterpillar crawling in my hair.  I talked with my husband, typed on the computer and drank tea… all with a caterpillar in my hair.  I didn’t discover him until I went to wash my hands and took a look in the mirror.

There is a certain type of tree here in Stockholm where these tiny caterpillars just hang down from strings waiting to live in my hair.  Now I feel like things are crawling in my hair all the time.

It’s really hard to have confidence and feel good about yourself when you have caterpillar hair.

I have to buy a hat.


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