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Your guide to Venice (or, yes, I’m still bored)

I’ve made a family fun guide to Venice in case anyone’s looking to convince their family that this is the place to go!

Crumpets and Cockfosters!

My husband and I just got back from a short weekend trip to London. For anyone who read my book, you will be delighted to know I was able to ride the tube going in the direction of “Cockfosters” (and still had to smile every time), and I actually saw a crumpet for the first time! I’ve honestly never had any idea what a crumpet looks like, but according to the coffee shop we went to, this is it:




My family and I are spending a week in Italy near the Dolomites. Sadly, 2 are under age 12 and the other is Swedish, so they will not understand my numerous Dolomite jokes.


This is jet lag

For those who haven’t experienced it, here is what jet-lag feels like, illustrated by our youngest son:


Texas in the eyes of my children

I like to give my kids cameras on all trips to encourage them to take pictures of what is most interesting and important to them.  Today I give you photos taken by my children on previous Texas trips. Let’s hope they will be able to find even more exciting things on this year’s vacation:

IMG_6565 DSCF6109 DSCN1791


We’re currently in Boston for the first time. As I’m scheduling this before we leave, I have nothing real to write about the place yet other than I’m hoping we are able to understand people better than we did in Dublin and we are hoping to gain 5 lbs each with good food.Plans for Boston: Day 1: Eat, sleepDay 2: Eat, M.I.T., Eat, Snack, Nap, Eat, SleepDay 3: Eat, park, Eat, look at old boats, Eat, Dessert, SleepDay 4: Eat, boat, Eat, park, take picture of old building, Eat, Dessert SleepAs you can see, I think I’ve planned a very satisfying and exciting vacation to Boston. I just hope I don’t miss any opportunities to eat.beans

Gopher Museum

I keep telling my husband we should stop in Canada one year on our summer trip to Texas. He’s reluctant, but maybe THIS will convince him!  THE GOPHER MUSEUM


Paris – hunchbacks, cats and old robots

We are taking the kids to Paris today! It will be their first time there. I’ve been trying to prepare them for the past few weeks with movies about Paris. I’m not sure if they really learned anything from the movies I picked. The reactions went a bit like this:

Hunchback of Notre Dame – Ended up in my son trying to walk like a hunchback for a week.

A Cat in Paris – Kids in deep discussion about if one could actually jump from rooftop to rooftop… well maybe if you were in shape… maybe if you had special shoes….

Hugo – Mainly just interested in the automatron. How to work it, how to build it. Didn’t seem to notice Paris or the history of movies in the film.

The Aristocats – Always just concerned about that one scene where the piano crashes through the floor. “They’ll get in trouble!”

Oh well…. They’ll just have to discover Paris on their own.


A good offer?

I just got an offer in my email for Groupon – “Europe trip with SECRET destination!”

Umm… no thanks.

Who would take them up on that? I’m adventurous, but not THAT adventurous!

“We have beaches, animals, sunshine.”


Anniversary plus a photo tip!

Today is my 15th wedding anniversary!

Here is a lovely picture of us on vacation a couple of years ago in Berlin. Tip for couples traveling…. if you have trouble getting a picture of the two of you together, most subway platforms have many cameras and screens for the drivers so just take a nice photo while waiting!


Surprise trip

Today is my last day in my 30s. My husband is whisking me off on a surprise trip today for my 40th birthday, which takes place tomorrow.  I’m setting up some posts for the next few days, but I won’t be able to say where I’ve been until next week when we return.  I don’t find out where I’m going today until we get to the airport.  I did the same for him last year on his 40th.  (We went to Sicily.)

The big question is…… coat or no coat?  Hmmm……..

A bit unfortunate my birthday is in March…. in Europe..


The last hurrah

In Sweden, we not only get spring break, we also get fall break.  All of the kids are out of school and many families take a week-long trip.  Our family is one of these this year.  We are going south to some warmer weather for a week (hopefully – if it doesn’t rain).

I see fall break as a “last hurrah” before the harshness of winter sets in here.  We do our time change this weekend, right when the break starts and by the time we get back, we could have temperatures below 0.

It’s fairly cold already and I’ve been refraining from wearing my winter jacket because I know once I put it on, I have to wear it for 6 months straight. But I’ve already decided that when we get back from fall break, I will give in.  Then I will acknowledge that winter is upon us.


Welcome to Louisiana

Stopping at the Lousiana welcome center, we came across this sign.  It’s the first time our kids didn’t want to go swimming.



Why won’t my kids eat anything?

These kids are so whiny about their food on vacation.  I don’t see what the problem is.


Kids with cameras – Part 2

Continuing on the theme of my kids’ vacation photos:

Here we have “lawn chair.”  Apparently this is fascinating to my children.  Probably because we neither have a lawn or a lawn chair back home.


Kids with cameras

I like to give my kids their own camera to take pictures on vacation.  It’s always interesting to see what impressed them when I get home and load the pictures into the computer.  Here’s a lovely picture from last year’s trip to Texas.  These are flies in the Waffle House.  I think my kids are on their way to publishing their own travel guides.



We are taking a trip to the U.S. soon which requires many suitcases for a family of four.  Currently, all of these suitcases are packed and crammed into my bedroom.  I’d like to move them out into the front hall, but I’ve learned the hard way that little children like to sneak things into suitcases if they have access to them.  Hence, the suitcases being protected in my room.

One year, we lost our big pasta spoon.  We searched the house for it.  Finally found it later while on vacation stuffed into a side pocket of the suitcase.

Even the kids’ own backpacks are tucked safely away in my room.  If they had access to them, I’m sure upon arriving at the hotel that we would find about 15 stuffed animals and all of their Skylanders figurines in the place of clothes.

I normally allow the kids to bring 2 stuffed animals on the trip.  One year, my youngest picked a bear and a puppet hedgehog.  As soon as the plane took off from the runway, he pulled a third bear that he had hidden inside the puppet.  “HAHAHAHAHA!”  he laughed maniacally at me.

We will see if my hidden suitcase method works.  We are still distracted the morning that we leave, so they can always try to sneak things by us.  As long as it’s not out of the fish tank, I guess I won’t be too worried.


Read this while I’m at the beach

I’m writing this a week before we go on our vacation, which we will be on by the time you are reading this.

No internet and no phones.  Total disconnect.

It’s like being one with nature….

…..but with microwaves….and t.v……and restaurants….and a car…..

Ah, close enough.



Surprise trip

I’m taking my husband and kids on a surprise trip today to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday.  He knows he is going on a trip but has no idea where.  He will find out when we get to the airport.  If I had my way, I’d put a blindfold and ear plugs on him and make him guess where he was after the plane arrives at it’s destination, but I have a feeling security might frown on that.

I did blindfold him once on his birthday in the car for almost an hour while I took him somewhere in Texas (Jet-skiing and mini-golf near the beach).  But I admit I was a little concerned about being pulled over and having to explain that.  “It’s for his birthday officers, really!  I promise I didn’t kidnap a Swede to force him to make me meatballs!”

Of course my kids are wrapped up in this too since they are going along.  They are quite mad at me for not telling them where we are going, but I can’t trust them.  They’ve already let out such important secrets as, “Johnny’s mom doesn’t have a butt.” and “Erik went to Mars last week, but don’t tell his parents.”

Poor kids though.  Even when they get to the airport, their geography is so bad that they still won’t know where they’re going.  haha!  Sorry, that was mean.  I’m not an awful parent.  I actually packed a map to show them, but I’m pretty sure all they are concerned with is if the place has a pool.


Let’s make party

We are soon staying in an apartment on vacation through AirBnB – a website where people can rent out their apartments.  I was just checking the one we chose to learn more about the area.  The host writes:

“You have awesome possibilities to have a nice dinner, or drink something in a bar or make party. ”

Yes.  We shall make party.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 13.08.33

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