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Strange moments

Sometimes when I sit on the subway with my headphones blasting music, I hear a mumble of the driver announcing something from the speakers. Everyone looks around and then we continue. By the time I take off my headphones the announcement is over.

It’s these times when I wonder what I missed :

“Ladies and gentlemen. All passengers exiting at the next station will receive pie.”


“Fellow passengers, keep your eye out for Texans. They walk among us.”


Swedish Television

This is a popular topic of mine.  I don’t often watch regular t.v. and when I do, I remember why I don’t.

Today’s complaint – A new show about the Stockholm subway.

It’s simply a reality show about going on the subway.

I spend 2 hours of each day traveling on the subway listening to headphones and reading a book specifically for the purpose of NOT seeing what goes on in the subway car around me.  I get my share of crazy and angry people every day, live and in person.

I just don’t understand the appeal of a show about the subway where I live.  I think they have an idea that it’s going to be like those airport shows, but it just doesn’t work that way.  The only entertaining aspect of the subway is the drunks, which is quite sad and scary.  I’m happy to not have to see that.   Other than that, there’s nothing!  “Subway’s late due to an earlier delay.”  “Man hopped over turnstile without paying.”

I turned the channel after a 5 minute discussion in the subway break room about whose turn it was to make the coffee.


Riding the subway on a Saturday night

I really wouldn’t know anything about the above title.  I’m not insane enough to ride the subway on a Saturday night.


In Stockholm, there are always people in the morning handing out the Metro, which is a free newspaper.  It’s nice to have it handed to you, as everyone is usually running to a train.

But now I have become spoiled.

Lately, about once a week, these same people also hand out a free product from a company.  I assume the company has made some deal with advertising in Metro.  Sometimes it’s a breakfast cereal, sometimes a snack bar.  The other day it was travel toothpaste.  Excellent!  I needed more of that.

Some days it gets strange.  In the spring I was handed an ice cream bar – at 6:30 in the morning.   Don’t get me wrong, I’m always up for a free ice cream, but this was really the wrong time.

Because I get so many free things, I have started to get angry when there are no handouts.  I know this is not right, but they have spoiled me too much.  I also get angry if the handout is something I cannot use.  So Metro advertisers, here is  a list of acceptable handouts:

1. chocolate
2. pastry treats
3. more chocolate

As you see, there is a theme to the free items that I want.  Get with the program, Metro.  Happy readers have happy stomachs filled with chocolate.  But please not in ice cream form before 10am.


Nap time

I was reading an article in the paper earlier this week about activities on the subway.  Five people were polled regarding what they like to do while riding the subway.  All five answered “Sleep.”

Is that really what they like to do, or what happens?  I started a job last month which is 30 minutes by subway to my house.  Not one day has passed that I have made it home awake.  I simply can’t do it. I’m fairly sure they are pumping something into the air supply of these trains.  Am I the only one blacking out every day?  What if it’s a conspiracy and everyone on the train falls asleep at the same time?!  What are they doing to us in there?!   Someone must find out what is happening!

Or, maybe I should grab a cup of coffee each day before I leave.

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