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Tips on traveling to Sicily

Just back from a wonderful trip to Sicily.  If you are ever planning to travel there, let me give you a few tips:

1. Upon landing, send one person in your party to collect a number for the car rental line.  Pick up bags, have a nice lunch, and maybe by then there will only be 20 people left in line before you.

2. Men over the age of 65 are apparently issued one of two cars that they are allowed to drive – a Panda or a Punto.  They are also only allowed to drive a speed limit of 65 kph on the highway.  Watch out for them.

3. Painted lanes on the roads are merely suggestions.  What appears to be two lanes really equals 4 or 5.

4. You probably want to get out of Palermo before dark.

5. Don’t think your kids will be excited that there is a giant active volcano.  It seems kids are terrified of being drowned in lava.  Might not want to mention why the giant mountain has steam coming from the top.



I really never thought I’d be living somewhere where a volcano could disrupt my activities.  A volcano in Iceland has been spreading volcanic ash in a cloud over part of northern Europe and they have stopped all flights since Thursday.  People are stranded.  No one can get home.  Many cancelled flights.  Luckily I wasn’t travelling anywhere, but I know plenty of people who were.  I actually had to write an email for someone yesterday that started with, “Due to the volcanic eruption….”  I wasn’t sure how to phrase the email as it was to cancel some plans in another country.  I looked all over the internet, but there are no examples of business letters explaining cancellation due to volcano.  But I bet there will be after this!

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