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Just a few steps more…

Before our recent Italy trip, I browsed the internet for good restaurants in the area we would be staying. I found one place with great reviews on TripAdvisor. However, I don’t recall seeing the words “40 minute uphill pilgrimage” in the description.

We found the address and a sign for the restaurant that pointed up some steps. We started up the stairs and then began climbing the trail up a mountain into a forest. We met people on the way who said, “Oh yeah, it’s just up there”.

Forty minutes later, starving and thirsty, we made it to the top. The food was good, but as my son said, “Not good enough for that climb.”

Personally, I think it’s all a scam to sell more drinks.

Below is a picture of my sons after walking up a mountain 40 minutes:


But I saved the environment today too.

For 2 weeks now, there has been a booth set up outside McDonald’s that I pass each day as I walk my 2 miles to school.  This booth is for cyclists so they can get their bike checked out for free while having an orange juice.  It’s a thank you to people who ride their bikes instead of using cars.

But I just walked 2 miles!  I’m environmentally concious too!  Where’s my orange juice?

Just for that, I’m getting the car out of the garage and driving for no reason.  See what you made me do McDonalds?!



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