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If the war comes…

We inherited this book from the 1960s that was apparently given out to Swedish citizens. It’s called “If the war comes” and it’s an instruction book on what to do in the event of war. In my opinion, the best parts are the nicely dressed 1960s housewives with their pretty skirts and gas masks. They seem totally unconcerned. A close second is the men in suits. Gotta look sharp when the nuclear bomb drops. Here’s a few pictures from the book:




If the war comes…







The Ikea table can withstand an atomic bomb. Don’t forget to casually put on your gas mask! Watch that hair!







Stop, drop and roll is universal.  I like the look on his face as his suit is on fire. It’s a look of mild discomfort.






Honey, put on your coat, we’re late for dinner!





Sweden at war

I much prefer seeing news about this type of war:

Skärmklipp 2016-07-07 09.09.31.png

Playground politics

I’ve been reading a book recently on World War 2 and was trying to mention a few things to my 10-year old son yesterday, which simply lead to a re-hash of the big WORLD WAR 3 from last year between the 3rd graders and the daycare kids at his school.  It was totally off the point I was trying to make, but I must say, playground politics are fascinating. I may sell the movie rights.  Here’s the story:

“We didn’t want to start a war, but the daycare kids said they they could run faster than us. We told them to prove it, they said they didn’t have to, so we started a war.  It lasted about 4 weeks.  We didn’t do anything but pretend to run at them and they would run away.  It was always in groups on both sides so we didn’t pick on anybody. After a while, they asked for a truce, but still refused to admit that we were faster at running than them, so the war raged on!  Later on, we just all got bored with it, so I guess that was the end.”

(Isn’t that how all wars should end? “We just got bored with it.”)


Neighbor Wars

I’m convinced the upstairs neighbors put their faces to the floor and cough down to our apartment.  I’m also pretty sure they’re playing basketball and moving furniture every night at 10 p.m.

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