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Where’s my balloon?

Lots of people like to ask, “Hey, where’s my hoverboard?” in reference to what we thought our current lives would look like by the 2000s.

I stumbled across an interesting article on Mashable with illustrations of what people living in 1900 thought the world would look like by the year 2000. Apparently, walking on water was of large interest to them. Kind of odd as we’ve had boats for thousands of years and that’s worked out fine.

If you check out the article here, you can see some of the other ideas they had – many of them involve balloons. I’m not sure what to make of that.


Swedish problems

I like that I live in a country where this story has dominated the headlines the entire week. Someone drew a penis on a frozen stream in the snow in the middle of a southern city and the city had trouble getting on the stream to remove it, but finally managed to.  Now this happened:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 08.44.23

Wise words from the waterslide

I was standing at the top of the waterslide behind an 8 yr old and his 4 yr old brother waiting for my turn. The 8 yr old instructed his younger brother on how to properly go down the slide and when he did, the older brother turned to me with a knowing sigh and said, “ah, they grow up so quickly,” before doing a belly-flop down the chute.


My son, the travel agent

While in Texas this summer, we took a trip to the state capitol of Austin. Here is what my 8-yr old had to say:

“Austin is the life. Swimming, macaroni and cheese, corn and a glass of water.”

I’m adding that to TripAdvisor of course.

Austin, Texas skyline

Austin, Texas skyline


When I was growing up, there was a new water toy called the Slip-N-Slide that you could set up in your own backyard for hours of fun during the summer.  One of my neighborhood friends had a nice, flat yard which was the ultimate place for the long, yellow tarp filled with water for kids to slide across.  We had so much fun back there until his parents discovered that we kids had turned their beautifully manicured lawn into a mud pit.

After that, we had to move the Slip N Slide to my backyard, which was not so lovingly cared for.  My backyard was full of bumps and rocks.  A trip down the Slip- N -Slide would leave me with dark purple bruises daily.  But that didn’t stop me or my friends.

Recently, we bought a Slip-N-Slide while in Texas so our kids could have the same joy that I did when I was a child.

I didn’t account for the fire ant problem in my dad’s backyard or the random rocks and sticks there as well.  I’d say the amount of fun the kids had just about equaled the amount of bruises and tears.  Glad to see they get to experience some parts of a typical Texas childhood.


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