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The modern family

As I’m sitting here typing this in my nice comfy slippers from my iPad, my husband plays games on his RetroPie from the bed, my oldest son is using Skype to play Minecraft with his friend across town, and my youngest son is in a virtual reality world. Welcome to the future.

My current view as pictured above.

Who decides? I decide!

My children were complaining this week that the weekends should be longer. I slammed my fist on the table and said, “I shall make it so that this weekend is 4 days long!”

The kids stared at me in amazement. Then they stared at my husband who simply nodded in agreement.

I said, “Who decides?!”

They yelled, “Mamma decides!”

(Did I forget to mention that we have a 4-day Easter weekend anyway?)

It’s nice to have my own little kingdom at times. Especially when your subjects think you control the days. (Until they ask you why you make it winter so long.)


German restaurant

Went to a German restaurant this past weekend with some friends.  Is it possible to go to a German restaurant and not discuss WW2 at some point?   It always manages to work itself into the conversation somewhere between the schnitzel and the bratwurst.


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