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Quarantine 2 – Electric Boogaloo

This week on the podcast, I check in with Monica, who basically thinks quarantine feels the same as moving to a country for the first time. Stay inside, don’t speak to anyone.

The sound quality isn’t the best, but neither is the state of the world.

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Episode #50 Red Wine and Gatorade

On today’s episode of Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow, we catch up on winter break activities, new museums & new restaurants. Also, roller skis are weird.
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Food trucks

We may finally have hamburger and taco trucks in Stockholm, but we still haven’t reached Lisbon’s standards:

Italian grocery stores are the best

This was in our local grocery store while we were in Italy:



Can you believe we ran out of wine again?

So it looks like a trip down to Italy. (Psstt…. don’t tell my husband they sell wine in Sweden, I’ve convinced him we need a trip to Italy each time.)


Why can’t we be more Czech

Last winter, our family went to Prague for the Christmas market.  We discovered a wonderful thing about Christmastime there – they start selling hot wine at 10 in the morning!  No wonder the entire city was so happy!  Stockholm needs to catch up with this.  In fact, the whole world should catch up with this.  The Czechs know how to make the holiday season a stress-free one. 🙂

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