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I Don’t Like Mondays – and neither do the kids

Today is everyone’s first day back to school after Easter break. I had to haul depressed kids to the kitchen table for breakfast.  Then, in typical Monday fashion, we all missed the bus so we had to walk 10 minutes to the subway.  Or, as my 7-yr old said, “It’s a mile to the subway and I don’t have any muscles in my legs!”

Upon arriving at the completely packed subway, the doors shut on my husband and youngest son. Did I mention it’s also drizzling and gray this morning?

We tried to tell the kids that Mondays are hard for everyone. People even write songs about it! Manic Monday, Monday Monday, Blue Monday, and of course the one my husband chose to play for the children – “I Don’t Like Mondays.” Nice idea if it weren’t about a girl who hates Mondays so much that she shoots everybody.  Maybe not the best message for the kids?

This led to a discussion about which day of the week has the most songs written about it. Our conclusion was that it might be between Monday and Saturday (possibly Friday). After searching around, I think Monday is winning. Sad songs sell better than happy ones I guess. Am I wrong? Maybe there are a whole slew of songs about Tuesday I’m not aware of.

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Is it just me?

I’m currently sitting at work in my winter coat.  Normally I sit in the next room with a portable heater all alone.  The other people who work here don’t want to sit there with me and call it the “sauna room” because of the heater.

I know many Swedes are descended from Vikings, but even Vikings wore fur and proper winter gear, plus appreciated a warm fire.  Why am I the only one freezing all the time?  It must be some sort of Swedish pride thing that they can’t admit they’re cold.  Or is there still something I haven’t figured out after 14 years of living here.  I’ve learned to by down-feather coats, have a hat that goes over my ears, wear wool socks…. things I never knew about in Texas.

But I still think they’re hiding things from me about how to stay warm. Maybe I earn a new badge when I’ve made 15 years here.  Then I get a new secret, “we all coat ourselves in butter under our clothes” or something like that.

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Deciphering job ads

I’m looking for something part-time to supplement my translating work.  I like the ads that are straight and to the point.  Too many of them are full of double-speak and fancy wording for menial work.  Let me decipher this for you:

-Provide administrative support and briefings to senior management ( Bring coffee and donuts at the Monday meeting.)

-Organise and coordinate internal and external meetings, preparing agendas, transcribing minutes, reception of visitors  (Book the meeting room, which takes 2 seconds but somehow the “suits” can’t do that on their own, sit in the back with a laptop or pen & paper so we look fancy even though we could just record this and store it in a sound file, sit at the front desk so no one steals our flowers.)

-Support the procurement processes within a specific programme (order paperclips online from Office Depot)

-Perform various other administrative tasks as deemed necessary (We’re gonna need more donuts.)



The in-between days

The days between Christmas and New Year are what we call the “in-between” days.

“Are you working the in-between days?”

“Yes, because I don’t want to take vacation days.”

The good thing about working the days between Christmas is that NO ONE is around!  The subways are empty, the work building is empty.  In a building that normally holds over 1000 people, there are only around 6 of us here today.  This job is totally great without the customers.

Why can’t all work days be like this?  It’s like being at a spa (minus the champagne and hot tub).  However….  if I wanted a bottle of champagne, I could have one up here because it’s empty!  I’m not saying I’m doing that, but it’s nice to know that I could if I wanted to.

A friend and I once had an entire movie theater to ourselves when we were 13.  I have no idea what that movie was, but it was the greatest movie ever.  We did cartwheels up the aisles.  We changed seats every 5 minutes.  Sometimes we sat on top of the seats.  There is really something to be said for having a huge place all to yourself.

I feel like that now.  In fact, I think I’m going to do a few cartwheels down the hall on my way out.  Maybe some champagne would help me gain the dexterity I had at age 13.  I believe I saw some in the fridge.


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