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Fridges around the world!

Ok, inspired by this interesting cultural phenomenon that happened last Tuesday when I hosted @sweden, I have now made a webpage where we can all contribute to “Fridges around the World!”  If you want to submit your fridge, (or just look through other people’s) you can go here .


Fridges around the world!

Well, it seems I’ve made world news by simply posting people’s refrigerators from around the world.

This week I’m in charge of @sweden, the country’s national account, and I decided to post a picture of what was in my fridge.  I find it interesting to see what’s in someone’s fridge in another country, so I thought people might like it.

Apparently, they did. 🙂  I got so many people sending me pictures of their refrigerators, so I retweeted them so everyone could join in.  Making friends through food!

Now if I could only be invited to dinner at some of those houses that were well stocked. hmm….


Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 09.32.14




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